What is My e-Class?

My e-Class is a website to empower Teachers and enhance the quality of Teachers and Teaching. In the term "My e-Class", "My" represents a teacher. It provides facility where a teacher can have his/her own free virtual class and can enrol their students. The teacher can be teaching at any level i.e., school or at higher education(UG/PG/Research). Through these virtual classes, a teacher can interact with the students as per their convenience.  As a teacher you can automate your work and become a smart teacher. Through your own "My e-Class", you can integrate ICT with your teaching process. You can upload content(doc, pdf, video, ppt, etc.) for your students in holidays and make it visible to them when you like. You can start discussion forums, create online quizzes, online assignments, opinion polls, survey, etc. You can grade and give comments on uploaded files and assignments created online as well as offline. You can export all the grades as excel and use them for your internal assessments. You can tell your students to submit their project reports online, etc. 
Most significantly, as a teacher only you can add/edit/delete the content or activities and not any other teacher in your "My e-Class". Your students can view and respond to the activities created by you. Every next year, your content remains there, you can add/modify the content and change your students. So all your notes, questions, presentations, etc. remain organised and making small effort you can provide automated self-learning activities to your students which are difficult in the conventional classroom situation.